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History of Le Moulin de Barre

The mill was built around 1876 and is one of six mills on the rivers that lead to St Severe. It is 328 metres above sea level and is an overshot mill, the others being Moulin Gras, Moulin de Retord, Moulin de Pouzoult, Moulin Vieux and Le Grand Moulin.

Production at our mill ceased in 1924 and after dismantling some of the machinery, the doors were locked and un-opened until our arrival in 2003.  The waterwheel had rotted away and the lagoon had sprung leaks and dried up whenever there was a drought. The previous occupants were farmers and
for 30 years the mill was just used for storage.

Our elderly neighbours have lived here all their lives and recount memories for us, even remembering the last two horses who worked here, percherons called Pom-Pom and Bijou whose harness we still have. They knew the last miller Alexandre and his wife Clementine. According to them, he was very
rich which is likely as the profession was a lucrative one. They were always late for school so would take a short cut across the field behind the mill. If Clementine saw them she would give them delicious galettes (pancakes) freshly cooked in the enormous bread oven. However this kind act came to an
end when the oven caught fire and burnt the kitchen down!

SwallowAlthough Alexandre and Clementine had no children, we often have visits from their nieces and nephews, now in their eighties who spent many happy summers staying with their Aunt & Uncle. They are amazed at the transformation and very happy to see their beloved mill being lived in and giving visitors so much pleasure.

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